Our Team

Jennifer Jacobs Founder and Executive Director

Jen is a hollow reed in service to love. Through practices of presence and intention, her work moves us toward self-awareness and the regeneration of our relationships to self, family, our planet, and all beings. “When we’re willing to let go of who we’ve been, we open ourselves to remember the most magnificent version of who we really are.”  The Artistry of Living Well offers tools and treasures to assist along the journey of life and the creation of sanctuary in your own home.  The curriculum has been developed and implemented by Jen Jacobs for 20 years serving over 2,000 individuals and families with over 20,000 hours of contact. “I offer what works based on personal experience: wisdom gifted from the traumas, dramas, and blessings I’ve received from life itself.” Sol Sanctuary is a place to share perspectives as we continue to meet life’s challenges as opportunities and invitations to grow.

Tessa Fe Womack Director of Youth Expeditions and Rites of Passage


Tessa supports the healthy development of Sol Sanctuary’s youth community through mentorship, village immersions, rites of passage, relational food experiences, council, and wilderness connection. She studied psychology and education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A nurturer of nature, she weaves her understanding of human development, permaculture, and magic to intentionally design and facilitate rich experiences in the field, kitchen, classroom, and community. Her playful approach and adaptable tools invite practices of self- and environmental-inquiry, awareness, and balance.

Andrew Garrard Innovative Technologies and Project Development

AndrewAndrew is the director of micro-enterprises and innovative technologies at Sol Sanctuary. He is committed to restoring balance and harmony to our ecological and social infrastructure. At home in the workshop and well-versed in business development, he enables individuals and organizations to bring shared visions to life.

Megan Jacobs Administrative and Program Design Support

1656387_10202990700626927_1308466395_nMegan studied literature and creative writing at Mills College in Oakland, California and uses her linguistic mastery to edit and prepare Sol Sanctuary publications. She provides general support and assistance to the Sol Sanctuary team. She also serves as a sounding board and consultant for the Executive Director, assisting in wellness program design and clarifying and presenting her body of work in an accessible format. Megan is passionate about words, details, nature, discussing ideas, and putting together puzzles of all types, from jigsaw to sudoku to the many pieces of Sol’s wellness offerings.