Artistry Practices



No Matter WHO you are!

No Matter HOW you are!

No Matter WHERE you are!

BE the ONE who CHOOSES to LOVE YOU enough to BE Well and LIVE Well!!!

The Artistry of Living Well


Living Well is a state of being.  It is an ever evolving state of consciousness and an intentional way of living that implements practices for higher levels of self awareness and more harmonious relationships.

Many tools are available to us that support our intention to create, develop and sustain a more regenerative relationship with ourselves and thus our life.  When we want something to improve, or grow, we know that becoming clear on our goals and visions is often the first step.  

When we are willing to take response-ability for our life and what our current reality is, we often discover our life is filled with experiences we don’t want.  Being willing to look at it, not judge it and implement changes empowers us.  There are many stories of heros and people we admire that under dire circumstances have grown and become a stronger healthier version of themselves.  We are all capable of shifting our current habits or ways of thinking and living toward something better, a quality of life that brings us more joy, peace and love in our relationships.

Self Assessment ~

Becoming aware of our current reality …

These questions will assist in taking a personal inventory of our life and the environment we are currently living in.  Please keep in mind this is an invitation to notice, without judgement, what is.

  1. If I took a snapshot of my current living conditions … what would I see?
    • How do these conditions support and inspire my best self to show up each day?
  2. Does the current energy in my home feel safe, loving and nourishing?
    • Does it support my overall health and sense of wellbeing?
  3. What is the primary sound I hear in the background of my home?
    • How does this support my nervous system, or my stress level?
  4. Where do I have a personal spot/space that is my sanctuary?
    • What do I do to decompress, relax and replenish myself?
  5. How do I feed myself each day with positive thoughts, healthy emotions and clean food?
  6. What inspires me each day to grow and become the best version of myself?

Environment ~ Create a personal Sanctuary for intentional living …

  • Space Clearing ~ maintaining simple, clean energy in your mind and home
  • Sound ~ maintaining high quality, healing, peace promoting home vibrations
  • Ritual ~ simple ways to honor the creative elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth
  • A living Altar ~ An expression of who you are, who you are becoming and what you value most

Self Care ~ fill your cup daily with healthy nourishment for ~

    • Mind ~ Daily dose of inspiring, positive – thoughts, words and actions
    • Body ~ Movement through stretching, walking, or dancing
    • Food ~ Choose Sustainable Organic Local (SOL food)
    • Spirit ~ Activate your senses through listening, feeling, smelling, tasting and touch. 
    • Breath ~ Practice Daily conscious deep Breathing, Meditation and Stillness
    • Emotions ~ Cultivate habits of mature emotional well being and nurture a relationship of understanding







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