Living Well Communities


Living Well Communities (LWC):

A global community network of individuals and organizations devoted to living a regenerative way of life for all.  Through a member based network, we collaborate and cultivate a lifestyle that fosters right relationships in the business of our lives and the lives of our business.

Sol Sanctuary offers guided immersion expeditions into active and developing Living Well Communities around the world. This journey will take you into the depths of your authentic self to explore and discover who you truly are, what your Divine purpose is, and how to cultivate your essential stewardship. Stepping into the village life will give you first-hand experience living well with intention in a regenerative and harmonious way.

Living Well Communities are self-developing villages that strive to live with reverence, respect, and appreciation for all beings. The residents in these communities share a unified belief of our innate oneness, and adopt an agreement field for maintaining resonance within the community.

  • We live with a willing curiosity to understand and embody more harmonious ways of being with ourselves, each other, the Earth, and life itself.
  • We embody a whole-systems approach to restore and respect ecological and social balance.
  • We are committed to developing a lifestyle of wellness through Self-Awareness, Self Response-Ability, and Life-Affirming Action.
  • We support the innovation and demonstration of technologies to promote regenerative systems of energy, food, water, exchange, education, and wellness.


Sol Sanctuary Expeditions offer an immersion into Permaculture Principles and Practices as our guiding philosophy of conscious land stewardship within Living Well Communities.

Permaculture Ethics:

Permaculture Principles:

  1. Observe and Interact
  2. Catch and Store Energy
  3. Obtain a Yield
  4. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback
  5. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services
  6. Produce no Waste
  7. Design from Patterns to Details
  8. Integrate Rather than Segregate
  9. Use Small and Slow Solutions
  10. Use and Value Diversity
  11. Use Edges and Value the Marginal
  12. Creatively Use and Respond to Change

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We believe in freely sharing best practices of models, tools, technologies, and opportunities with aligned individuals, organizations, and communities, to promote our shared mission of  restoring harmony among all living things.

To declare yourself an ally, to learn more about LWC, to book an expedition, or to find out more about our Current Partnership Projects, please contact us by email:


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