Canyon Connection

Canyon Connection is a seasonal program offering self-sovereignty and sisterhood to women in all phases of life.  You’re invited to share and expand personal wisdom and identify allies in the journey of life.


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We set forth with intention and leave room for the magic each Wednesday evening in Matilija Canyon, Ojai and the surrounding wilderness from 6:00-9:00pm.  Transportation and extended hours available.

Eight-week sessions of once-weekly gatherings include::

  • Identification and development of relationship to natural rhythms: set daily rituals and self-care practices, honor moon cycles, heighten awareness of seasonal changes.
  • Development of healthy body-connection: experience the power of breath, use movement as self-expression, explore personal relationships with food.
  • Implementation of harmonious home systems: understand closed-loop food cycles, explore natural building, practice ancestral skills, establish and respect sacred space.
  • Discovery of wisdom in the natural world: build bioregional awareness, explore and forage wild lands, practice personal endurance skills.
  • Exchange wisdom and gather tools for conscious relationships: experience the way of Council, implement community projects, connect with supportive mentors.

Each session will be a custom creation with the girls in attendance. We may explore gardening, backpacking, music-making, or…?

Spring Session: Wednesdays 6:00-9:00PM, April 20th- June 8th

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Seasonal Immersion Days::

Full-day experiences mark a transition between sessions. Participants are invited to reflect on and share the adventure of a complete cycle and set intentions for the season to come. This is a great opportunity for curious sistafriends to get a taste of the experiences we can create together!

Next Gathering: First Sunday of August (12pm- 9pm, followed by family feast)

Rites of Passage::

Rites of Passage may be offered to mark the crossing of a threshold into a girl’s self-responsiblity as a valued member of her family and community. Many families develop deep relationships with Sol Sanctuary facilitators in the months (or years) leading up to this significant declaration of transition. A personalized journey (3-9 day immersion) will offer deep exploration and treasures of clarity to carry into a meaningful womanhood.

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